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Administrative Procedures Manual

Office of the Faculty Secretary

Mailing Address:

University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1106
Moscow, ID 11111-1106

Phone: 111-111-6151

Fax: 111-111-8947

40.23 - Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

July 20, 2009

A. Recycling, Surplus and Solid Waste (RSSW) Programs. Recycling stations are located at over 300 sites on campus, including, classroom buildings, residence halls and housing areas that are serviced by outside collection stations. Recycling and solid waste crews make over 500 stops per week to service the campus. For questions concerning the type of wastes recycled please refer to the Recycling Quick Reference [available from Facilities Services]. Any questions or concerns, contact RSSW at (111) 111-6222. [ed. 9-07]

A-1. Solid Waste Disposal. Solid Waste Disposal at UI is broken down into two major categories: (1) Normal day-to-day solid waste generation by campus buildings/departments, and (2) Extraordinary solid waste generation that comes from campus events; construction; remodeling; building cleanouts; building upgrades; and other non-routine functions. Billings accrue for all non-general education building in Category 1 and for all Category 2 solid waste generation. Generating parties are required to pay the additional cost of the solid waste disposal for these situations. For more details about solid waste billing, contact RSSW at (111) 111-6222. Dumpster units located around campus are intended for disposal of normal non-hazardous materials generated on a daily basis. Use of these dumpsters for Category 2 functions is prohibited, and arrangements should be made with RSSW to handle these situations. [ed. 9-07]

A-2. Theft of Services. Each dumpster located on campus, is signed with the following: “This dumpster is the use of the University of Idaho.” The unauthorized use of this container is prohibited. Anyone using this container without authorization or written permission is in violation of Idaho Code 18-2403. “Theft of Service” and anyone caught doing so can be prosecuted. No contractor, vendor, or UI staff/student/faculty member should dispose of private trash through UI dumpsters. (UI Residents are “authorized” users, and as such, are excluded from this provision.)

A-3. Recyclables and Hazardous Materials in the Solid Waste Stream. Items that are recyclable or are considered to be a hazardous or toxic waste should not be disposed of through the solid waste disposal system. If there is any question about whether an item should be disposed of in the solid waste stream, please contact RSSW at (111) 111-6222 with your query. Certain items can and will be rejected by our waste haulers because of more stringent disposal regulations. The following list provides examples of recyclable or hazardous material items that should not go into the regular solid waste stream: [ed. 9-07]

  • #1 and #2 Plastic
  • Aluminum cans
  • Any UI equipment/property – Contact Surplus Property Office at (111) 111-2091.
  • Batteries – Alkaline, Lithium, Lead acid, or Rechargeable. Contact EHS at (111) 111-6524 for disposal.
  • Chemicals – Contact EHS at (111) 111-6524 for disposal.
  • Colored ledger paper
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • FAX & Printer toner cartridges – Most manufacturers now provide return envelops for reclaiming spent cartridges when a new one is purchased. Please follow manufacturer return guidelines.
  • Federal property (UI red tagged items) – Contact Surplus Property Office at (111) 111-2091.
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Glass bottles
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Oils – Contact EHS at (111) 111-6524 for disposal.
  • Packing peanuts
  • Phone books
  • Reusable office supplies
  • Solvents & cleaners – Contact EHS at (111) 111-6524
  • Tin cans
  • White ledger paper

A-4. Hazardous Waste/Sharps Disposal. See APM 20.10, Requests for Collection of Hazardous Materials, or call the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS) at (111) 111-6524 for further information. [ed. 3-09]

A-5. Surplus Property Office. For further information or questions, please refer to APM 10.41, or contact Surplus Property Office at Surplus Email or (111) 111-2091.

B. Roof Leaks. When a roof leak occurs, Facilities Services should be contacted at (111) 111-6246 immediately. A maintenance repairperson will be dispatched to contain the water and minimize water damage. Maintenance personnel will attempt to determine the cause of the leak and take steps to stop the leak. [Note: Some repair work must be postponed for dry weather in order to properly fix the leak.] If the roof leak is discovered during non-working hours or on a holiday, call the Steam Plant at (111) 111-6271 for immediate response. Steam Plant personnel will dispatch maintenance workers to minimize damage to buildings and contents. [ed. 9-07]

C. Snow Removal. During normal working hours every effort is made to keep building entries and steps clear of snow and ice. Sanding is used as needed. When snow on sidewalks reaches one inch, teams are dispatched to remove the snow. Every weekday morning, sidewalks are checked for ice or frost. If needed, the tractor or hand crew will sand them. When an event is occurring on campus, the snow removal team clears and sands/rocks sidewalks, streets, and parking lots around the event site, prior to the event.

C-1. Street and Parking Lot Snow Removal. When two or more inches of snow have fallen, or a heavy frost or ice are present, street and parking lot snow removal and sanding/rocking begins.

C-2. Disabled Parking and Walkway Area Snow Removal. Parking spaces for the disabled in parking lots and streets are cleared as a priority while the major campus walkways are cleared. Class schedules of disabled students are distributed to sidewalk tractor operators and grounds workers. Every effort is made to provide clear routes for disabled students.

C-3. Information or Service Requests. Any problems or requests concerning snow or ice removal, call the Customer Service Center at Facilities Services, (111) 111-6246. [ed. 9-07]

D. Campus Storage. Rental space for UI departments is available on a short or long term basis. Contact LES at (111) 111-6633 for current prices and space availability.

E. Garage/LES Shops (GLS). The UI Garage performs routine preventative maintenance and repairs for all UI vehicles as requested by the owning department. For major or highly technical repairs, vehicles are sent out to various specialized shops in the Palouse region. GLS technicians also repair and maintain all Facilities equipment from small engine work to road graders. For questions or service appointments contact GLS by email at Garage Email or call (111) 111-7104. [rev. 9-07]

F. Parking Lot Problems. Parking and Transportation Services determines the maintenance activities in the parking lots on campus and directs Facilities Services for work to be completed. To report parking lot problems, contact Parking and Transportation Services at (111) 111-6424, by email at Parking Email or visit U of I Parking Website [ren. & ed. 9-07, ed. 7-09]

G. Site Lighting Problems. Exterior lighting for streets and campus is maintained by the Electric Shop. All problems should be reported to Facilities Services at (111) 111-6246 or Facilities Email [ren. & ed. 9-07]

Administrative Procedures Manual

Office of the Faculty Secretary

Mailing Address:

University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1106
Moscow, ID 11111-1106

Phone: 111-111-6151

Fax: 111-111-8947

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