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Administrative Procedures Manual

Office of the Faculty Secretary

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45.01 - Animal Care and Use

January 7, 2010

Preamble: This policy sets forth the policy and procedures for the University of Idaho to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, statutes and regulations regarding the care and use of animals in research, teaching, demonstrations, and testing.

A. Definitions.

A-1. Animal. An animal is any vertebrate creature.

A-2. Animal Activity. Animal activity means teaching, research, demonstration or testing procedures using live or dead animals that are performed on University owned property or engaged in by University personnel. University Owned Property excludes land and facilities leased to third parties for commercial enterprise purposes.

A-3. Personnel. Personnel includes all University employees, students, and volunteers working on University sanctioned activities.

B. Authority.

B-1. The University maintains policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (Title 7 CFR, Chapter 54), the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 (Public Law 99-158), the U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals in Testing, Research and Training, and Title 25 (Animals) of the Idaho Statutes.

B-2. All personnel engaged in animal activities must comply with this policy.

C. Components.

C-1. Institutional Official.

a. The Institutional Official is appointed in writing by the President. The Institutional Official is authorized on behalf of the President to ensure that all programmatic and regulatory requirements of animal activities are met.

C-2. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (see ).

a. The University’s institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is granted all rights and responsibilities as defined under federal, state and local law by the President.

b. The IACUC’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

(1) Reviewing, at least once every six months, the University’s program for the humane care and use of animals and the status of the institution’s animal facilities, including satellite facilities, laboratories and areas where survival surgery is conducted.

(2) Reviewing and approving, requiring modifications to secure approval, or withholding approval of animal activities.

(3) Development of procedures and guidelines based on Federal, State, and University policies.

(4) Investigating reported concerns regarding the care and use of animals within the University.

(5) Advising the Institutional Official regarding all aspects of the University of Idaho animal care and use program.

c. Only procedures reviewed and approved by the IACUC may be conducted. IACUC approved activities may be subject to further review and approval by university officials; however, those officials may not approve any animal activity if it has not been approved by the IACUC.

C-3. Attending Veterinarian

a. The Attending Veterinarian (AV) has direct or delegated authority for animal activities in the University. The AV is responsible for oversight of animal disease control and prevention, euthanasia, the appropriate use of pain relieving drugs, and other aspects of veterinary care.

b. The AV is an ex officio member of the IACUC.

c. The AV has appropriate authority to ensure the provision of adequate veterinary care and oversee the adequacy of other aspects of animal care and use.

D. Animal Procurement, Care and Disposition.

D-1. Procurement

a. Animals may not be procured for, or transferred to, personnel who do not have IACUC approval.

b. Animal procurement and disposition must be in accordance with Purchasing Services (APM 60.44) and IACUC policies and procedures.

D-2. Housing, Care and Disposition.

a. The housing and care of animals must be in accordance with IACUC policies and procedures.

b. Animals must be disposed in accordance with federal, state and IACUC policies and procedures.

E. Occupational Health

E-1. An occupational health and safety program is provided through the Safety Office.

E-2. Paid personnel participating in animal activities may not be denied participation in the occupational health and safety program.

F. Exceptions

F-1. Veterinary Teaching Curriculum.

a. Veterinary medical care provided by veterinarians and veterinary staff and students under veterinary supervision at the Caine Veterinary Teaching Center to client owned animals is not regulated by this policy.

F-2. Authority to Grant Exceptions.

a. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the Institutional Official for Animal Care and Use.

G. Contact Information. For further information regarding implementation of this policy see the institutional animal care and use committee website or contact the committee (Email, 111-111-8958).

Administrative Procedures Manual

Office of the Faculty Secretary

Mailing Address:

University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1106
Moscow, ID 11111-1106

Phone: 111-111-6151

Fax: 111-111-8947