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Borah Symposium 1990-99

April 2-3

Committee Chair: Kenneth Gallant, Law School

April 2

“Revolution in Eastern Europe: New Hopes & Old Problems”

  • Stephen Fischer-Galati
  • Geza Jeszenszky
  • Michael Nakoryakov
  • Karl J. Stoszek & Phil Hill
  • Orval Hansen, moderator

April 3

“European Integration: Implication & Responses”

  • Guy VanHaeverbeke
  • Jan Kurlemann
  • Colonel Ken Hamburger
  • Kazimierz Z. Poznanski
  • Phil Hill
  • Bethine Church, moderator

January 28 - April 8

Committee Chair: Richard Spence, History

“Terrorism in the New World Order

  • Ray Dacey, College of Business

“Computer Technology in Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union: Obstacles to European Integration

  • Maria Jankowska, Library

“Authoritarianism vs. Democracy in Eastern Europe & Africa

  • Amos Yoder & Dan Zirker, Political Science

“The Environment in the New World Order

  • Kate Grinde, Landscape Architecture

Speaker Series:

February 4

“Europe in the 21st Century

  • Guy VanHaeverbeke

March 4

“Communications: The Unseen Catalyst for a New World Order

  • Heather Hudson

April 4

“Imperatives for a 'New World Order': A Medical View with Perspectives for the Third World

  • Dr. William T. Close & Ramakrishna Vaitheswaran

Symposium Series:

January 28

“Environment as a Global Issue”

  • Hunter Lovins
  • James Burke
  • Kenton Bird, moderator

April 1

“After the Cold War: International Security and Cooperation”

  • Alexander Cockburn
  • Frank Fukuyama
  • Amos Yoder, moderator

April 8

“Visions of the Next Century”

  • Frances Moore-Lappe
  • James Jonah
  • Jason Clay
  • Bill Hall, moderator

Intolerance, Conflict and the Quest for Peace

February 10 - April 28

Committee Chair: Katherine A. Grinde, Landscape Architecture

Seminar Series: 1 credit courses during Spring Semester

“Issues of Race & Culture in the United States”

  • LaRae Donnellan, Agricultural Communications

“Images of White Supremacy”

  • Paul Lindholdt, English

“Psychology of Peace & Conflict”

  • Martha Kitzrow, Psychology

Symposium Series

February 10

“Roots of Hate: Biology, Psychology & Culture”

  • Paul Brass
  • Frans de Waal
  • Pierre van den Berghe
  • John Byers, moderator

March 2

“Intolerance & Conflict in Contemporary Societies

  • James Aho
  • Lèon Bing
  • Arun Gandhi
  • Ron Wixman
  • Kate Grinde, moderator

April 6

“Paths to Peaceful Solutions”

  • Ed Chasteen
  • Andrei Codrescu
  • Basil Mramba
  • Betty Williams
  • Kate Grinde, moderator

Special Speaker

April 28

“Human Equality - A biological perspective of hate and conflict”

April 5-6

Committee Chair: Robert Bolin, UI Library

Seminar Series: 1 credit courses during Spring Semester

“Cultural Work in the Service of Peace” Kim Bouchard, Theater Arts

“Soldiers of Peace: The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces”

  • Wayne Price, Sociology

“Making a Difference: The Psychology of Helping and Compassionate Service”

  • Martha Kitzrow, Psychology

Symposium Series

April 5

“In the Service of Peace in East Africa”

  • Makau wa Mutua
  • Dr. Michael Toole
  • Stephen Tomlin
  • Mort Rosenblum, moderator

April 6

“In the Service of Peace in the Pacific Northwest”

  • Ken Cole
  • Marilyn Shuler
  • Marv Henberg, moderator

March 23-30

Committee Chair: Val Chamberlain, Geology

“Water Conflicts”

  • Roy Mink
  • Val Chamberlain
  • Joel Hamilton

“Psychology of Conflict Mediation”

  • Valerie Steffen, Psychology

“Conflict Resolution: Interpersonal & International”

  • Ken Gallant
  • Mary Beth Lagenaur

Symposium Series

March 23

“Roots of Hate: Biology, Psychology & Culture”

  • Paul Brass
  • Frans de Waal
  • Pierre van den Berghe
  • John Byers, moderator

March 28-30

Middle East Water Dialogue

  • Water experts from Middle East countries met with facilitator Dr. Merle Lefkoff to discuss water conflicts and solutions in that region.

April 12-13

Committee Chair: Martha Kitzrow, Student Counseling Center

Seminar Series

“Population Issues: An Impact Survey”

  • Debra Goldfine, Student Counseling

“Population Dynamics, Conflict & Rural Development”

  • Harley Johansen, Geography

“Interpersonal Conflict Communication”

  • Kristin Hunt, Adult & Vocational Education

Symposium Series

April 12

  • Lisa Carlson & Alwyn Rouyer, moderators
  • Joel Cohen
  • Nazli Choucri
  • Hal Kane
  • Robert Kaplan

April 13

  • Jim Jones & Gary Machlis, moderators
  • Sterling Scruggs
  • Julie Silber-Urquilla
  • Earl Kellogg
  • Jacqueline Kasun

April 15-17

Committee Chair: Martha Kitzrow, Student Counseling Center

Seminar Series

“Landmark Speeches at the United Nations”

  • Valerie Chamberlain, Geology

“World Food Problem”

  • James Jones, Agricultural Economics

Symposium Series

April 15

  • Jonathan Dean
  • Amos Yoder

“Peacemaking and Peacekeeping”

April 16

  • Douglas Coutts
  • Charles Riemenschneider

“Food Security and Its Role in International Conflict”

April 17

  • Scott Rozelle

“Who Will Feed 1.2 Billion Prospering Chinese?”

February 4 - April 3

Committee Chair: Donna Hanson, UI Library

Seminar Series

“China's Impact on the World Economy”

  • Shunxiang Wu, Agricultural Economics

“Environmental Impact of Resource Development in China”

  • Valerie Chamberlain, Geology

Symposium Series

February 4

Introduction of Symposium Series

  • UI President Robert Hoover
  • Li Lu

“China After Tiananmen”

March 3

  • Douglas Van
  • Nicholas Lardy

“China and the World Economy”

April 2

  • Ambassador Charles Freeman

“China: Politics and Culture”

April 3

  • Minister Zhou Wenzhong

“China: Present and Future”

April 15-18

Committee Chair: Valerie Chamberlain, Dept. of Geology

Seminar Series

“Current & Controversial Topics in Aquatic & Terrestrial Resource Management”

  • Dennis Scarnecchia, Fish & Wildlife Resources


“Planetary Stewardship: an interdisciplinary conference on the environment”

Symposium Series

April 15

“A Sense of Wonder, one-woman play about Rachel Carson

  • Kaiulani Lee

April 16

“The Science & Politics of Climate Change”

  • Edward Miles

“Accomplishing Conservation”

  • Cecil Andrus

“Our Environmental Destiny”

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

April 17

“Coming to Grips with Rampaging Growth”

  • Charles Wilkinson

“Advances in Ecoregional Conservation”

  • Reed Noss

April 16-17

  • Eighteen sessions on various environmental topics with papers presented throughout the two days.

April 18

  • Seven field trips

September 14-18

Committee Chair: Ray Dacey, Dept. of Business

Seminar Series

  • Dr. Seamus Dunn & staff from Center for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster

“Northern Ireland: Conflict & Cooperation”

Symposium Series

September 15

“A Long History: The Northern Ireland Conflict”

  • Thomas Fraser
  • Feargal Cochrane
  • Seamus Dunn, moderator

September 16

“Education in a Divided Society”

  • Valerie Morgan
  • Grace Fraser
  • Seamus Dunn, moderator

September 17

“Politics, Culture and Recent Events”

  • Feargal Cochrane
  • Thomas Fraser
  • Seamus Dunn, moderator

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