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College of Natural Resources

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1138
Moscow, ID 11111-1138

Phone: 111-111-8981

Fax: 111-111-5534

Email: [email protected]

Web: College of Natural Resources

Charles Goebel

Charles Goebel, Ph.D.

Professor of Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Ecology and Department Head of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences


CNR 204A



Mailing Address

Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1133
Moscow, Idaho 11111-1133


  • Ph.D. Forest Science, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, 2001
  • M.S. Natural Resources, The Ohio State University, 1995
  • B.S. Forestry, Virginia Tech, 1993

Research Interests

Restoration ecology
Riparian ecology and management
Forest stand dynamics and ecology
Wildland fire ecology and management

Goebel, P.C., B.J. Palik, and K.S. Pregitzer. 2003. Plant diversity contributions of riparian areas in watersheds of the northern Lake States, USA. Ecological Applications. 13:1595-1609.
Holmes, K.L., P.C. Goebel, and A.E.L. Morris. 2010. The distribution and characteristics of downed wood across headwater riparian ecotones: integrating the stream with the riparian area.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40: 1604-1614.

Costigan, K.H., K.L. Jaeger, C.W. Goss, K.M. Fritz, and P.C. Goebel. 2016. Understanding controls on flow permanence in intermittent rivers to aid ecological research: A call for scientific integration. Ecohydrology. 9:1141–1153.

Rose, S.J., and P.C. Goebel. 2015. Short-term impacts of prescribed burning on the spider community (Order: Araneae) in a small Ohio grassland. Ohio Journal of Science. 115:79-86.

Nyamai, P.A., P.C. Goebel, D.M. Hix, R.G. Corace, III, and I. Drobyshev. 2014. Fire history, fuels, and overstory effects on the regeneration-layer dynamics of mixed-pine forest ecosystems of eastern Upper Michigan. Forest Ecology and Management. 322:37-47.

Corace, R.G., III, L.M. Shartell, P.C. Goebel, D.M. Kashian, I. Drobyshev, and D.M. Hix. 2014. Bird communities of reference and altered mixed-pine forests: implications for restoring fire-dependent forest ecosystems. Forest Ecology and Management. 318:183-193.

Goss, C.W., P.C. Goebel, and S.M.P. Sullivan. 2014. Shifts in attributes along agricultural-forest transitions of two streams in central Ohio, USA. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 197:106-117.

Corace, III, R.G., A.T. Stout, P.C. Goebel, and D.M. Hix. 2013. Snag benchmarks and treatment options for mixed-pine forest restoration in Upper Michigan. Restoration Ecology. 21:608-616.

Martin, K.L., and P.C. Goebel. 2013. The foundation species influence of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) on biodiversity and ecosystem function on the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau. Forest Ecology and Management. 289:143-152.

Zhao, W., P.C. Goebel, and J. Cardina. 2013. Temporal and spatial pattern of a privet (Ligustrum vulgare) invasion. Invasive Plant Science and Management. 6:310-319.

Miesel, J.R., P.C. Goebel, R.G. Corace, III, D.M. Hix, R. Kolka, B.J. Palik, and D. Mladenoff. 2012. Fire effects on soil in Lake States Forests: a compilation of published research to facilitate long-term investigations. Forests. 3:1034-1070.

Kocher, S.D., E. Toman, S.F. Trainor, V. Wright, J.S. Briggs, P.C. Goebel, E.M. Mont-Blanc, A. Oxarat, D.L. Pepin, T.A. Steelman, A. Thode, and T.A. Waldrop. 2012. How can we span the boundaries between wildland fire science and management in the United States? Journal of Forestry. 110:421-428.

Martin, K.L., and P.C. Goebel. 2012. Decline in riparian Tsuga canadensis forests of the central Appalachians across an Adelges tsugae invasion chronosequence. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society. 139:367-378.

Drobyshev, I., P.C. Goebel, Y. Bergeron, and R.G. Corace, III. 2012. Detecting changes in climate forcing on fire regime in a North American mixed pine forests: a case study of Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Michigan. Dendrochronologia. 30:137-145.

Goebel, P.C., B.J. Palik, and K.S. Pregitzer. 2012. Structure and composition of riparian forests in an old-growth northern hardwood-hemlock watershed. Forest Ecology and Management. 280:52-61.

Goebel, P.C., K.S. Pregitzer, and B.J. Palik. 2012. Influence of flooding and fluvial landforms on stream valley plant communities in an old-growth northern hardwood watershed. Wetlands. 32:679-691.

Morris, A.E.L., L.R. Williams, P.C. Goebel, and E. Braig, IV. 2012. Association of brook trout and other fish with large wood jams in a Lake Superior tributary in a northern old-growth watershed. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 21:1-12.

Junior Faculty Research Award, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University (2010).


Regeneration layer dynamics of mixed-pine forest ecosystems of the northern Lake States.

Change in forest ecosystems of southeastern Ohio: Assessing past trends and predicting future plant diversity and stand structural dynamics.

Effects of catastrophic natural disturbance (wildfire and wind) on the structure and function of forest ecosystems.

Influence of forest fragments on headwater stream ecosystems in agricultural landscapes.

Consequences of hemlock wooly adelgid to coupled dynamics across riparian and stream ecosystems of the Central Appalachians.

Integrating fuels reduction and pine barrens restoration in endangered Kirtland's warbler habitat management.

Farmer attitudes related to water quality and nutrient trading in the Blanchard Watershed, northwestern Ohio.


Fire-science network and delivery system for fire-dependent ecosystems of the Northern Lake States - the Lake States Fire Science Consortium (a JFSP Knowledge Exchange Network)

Contact Us

College of Natural Resources

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
111 Perimeter Drive MS 1138
Moscow, ID 11111-1138

Phone: 111-111-8981

Fax: 111-111-5534

Email: [email protected]

Web: College of Natural Resources

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