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Deans' Suite

Physical Address:
Education Building

Mailing Address:
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences
University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 3080
Moscow, ID 11111-3080

Phone: 111-111-6772

Fax: 111-111-1071

Email: [email protected]

Web: College of Education

TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText Support

The following will provide you with detailed information about some of the more common questions related to using TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText. As a general guideline remember:

  1. You first point of support is your course instructor. Feel free to contact them with questions related to assignments or basic use of the system.
  2. If you have a technical question related to TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText you can contact them directly by calling TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText Support at 800-311-5656, use Option 2, then Option 1 during the following hours (all times converted from Eastern Time). Make sure to identify yourself as a University of Idaho student and have your University of Idaho email available.
    • Monday through Thursday 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. (PST)
    • Friday 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PST)
    • Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (PST)
    • Sunday 3-8 p.m. (PST)
  3. If you have been notified that you are not on the account list and need assistance with establishing yourself on that list, you can contact the University of Idaho TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText Administrator ([email protected]).

General Support

Your class syllabi should have information pertaining to which self-enrollment code you need to use. You can lookup your self-enrollment code (by course) in the table below. Please note that DAT students should use the code that includes the year of expected graduation.

 Course Self-Enrollment Code   Course Self-Enrollment Code
 EDCI 511 CIMasters    MUST 382 Music
 EDCI 513    MUST 383
 EDCI 524    MUST 386
 EDCI 563    MUST 445
 EDCI 570      
 EDCI 572    
       HS 423 PETE  
 CTE 351 CTE
   HS 523
 CTE 410    PEP 350
 CTE 413    PEP 380
 CTE 415    PEP 412
 CTE 416    PEP 413
 CTE 418    PEP 421
 CTE 420    PEP 424
 CTE 426    PEP 440
 CTE 430    PEP 484
 CTE 431    
 CTE 447      
 CTE 464    EDCI 431  
       EDCI 432
 AT 606




   EDCI 433
 AT 607    EDCI 434
 AT 610    EDCI 437
 AT 611    EDCI 441
 AT 620    EDCI 442
 AT 621    EDCI 443
 AT 622    EDCI 447
 AT 623    EDCI 448
 AT 624    EDCI 449
 AT 625    EDCI 454
 AT 630    EDCI 463
 AT 631    EDCI 548
 AT 633      
 AT 634      
 AT 640    EDSP 325 SPED 
 AT 641    EDSP 350
 AT 642    EDSP 423
 AT 643    EDSP 425
       EDSP 426
 EDCI 201  
   EDSP 430
 EDCI 301    EDSP 448
 EDCI 302    EDSP 520
 EDCI 401    EDSP 522
 EDCI 410    EDSP 530
 EDSP 300    EDSP 540
       EDSP 548
 EDSP 599  EDSP599Defense    EDSP 549
 DAN 360 Elementary       
 EDCI 320      
 EDCI 321   EDSP 597  SpEdTPA
 EDCI 322      
 EDCI 325      
 EDCI 328      
 EDCI 329      
 EDCI 408   EDCI 599  webfolio
 EDCI 409      
 EDCI 466      

TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText is a web-based e-portfolio system that the University of Idaho uses to collect information on your academic progress in the teacher education program as it relates to various state and national standards. You will use a Direct Response Folio (DRF) to upload signature assignments in various courses. Coursework is graded and your scores are available in TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText. The teacher education program then uses that data in program improvement, accreditation and to monitor your progress throughout your preparation as an educator. 

TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText provides you with web-based productivity tools that can assist with developing your own showcase web-based folio for job seeking and sharing with others who have an interest in your academic and professional development. It also provides you with templates for lesson and unit planning, a rubric wizard for assessing your students’ work and a mylibrary and cybrary where you can save your lesson and unit plans and share and copy (with appropriate citation) other users’ lessons and unit plans from around the world. You also are provided with 500Mb of upload space where you can safely keep your work and even a video of your teaching episodes. These are only a few of the benefits to you, as the biggest limitation on your use of this system will be your imagination and technological capabilities.

TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText is used in two key ways.

  1. First and foremost, the system provides a mechanism to support you in the submission, organization and preservation of assignments, evidence and reflections associated with your preparation as a future educator. The University of Idaho uses this data to help improve the Education Preparation Program (EPP) by looking at structured data that you submit, that are aligned to state and national standards including the Idaho Professional Standards Commission and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  2. Used by the teacher education program to collect evidence that is aligned to state and national standards for education preparation. The University of Idaho EPP utilizes this system to ensure that the evidence you submit demonstrates that your teacher education program is rigorous, comprehensive and preparing you to make a positive impact on your current and future students learning.

Locally we pull a registration report for courses that use TaskStream here at the University of Idaho. We then send you an email near the start of the semester to let you know the status of your account.

How does my account work?

There are two components to your TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText account.

  1. The first part of your account is accessing the system itself. If you are currently enrolled in any of the teacher education related courses, then you will automatically be added to the TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText under your Vandal Email address.
  2. The second part of your account is the Self-Enrollment code. This code allows you to submit assignments/upload work to TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText. You will need to enter the self-enrollment code for your class. Below is a table of all of the self-enrollment codes for the different courses and programs within Teacher Education.  

The EPP will pay for your account on a semester to semester basis while you are enrolled in a teacher education related course. If you do not register for a teacher education course your account will go into “inactive” status. Your work still will be in the system.  

Student accounts are set up before each semester. This will allow you to login to TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText. You can contact TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText technical support if you are having difficulty with the self-enrollment code, need to reset your password or are having difficulty with uploading an assignment. The TaskStream administrator for the University of Idaho (who can add you to the site license) is Daniel Campbell, Ph.D. and can be reached via email at [email protected]

Upon successful completion of your teacher education program you can download your TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText data or you can choose to continue your subscription at your own cost as a TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText Alumni.

You will be given specific instructions about how to upload artifacts (assignments) from your course instructor. If you are having difficulty with the system please first check with your instructor then contact TaskStream Tk20  with LiveText technical support.

Blackboard is specifically designed by individual instructors to deliver content and manage assignments. TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText is used to assist you with the organization and dissemination of materials associated with competencies and standards related to your teacher education program and specific content endorsement area(s).

You may be required to upload assignments to both blackboard and to TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText. We are currently working to integrate both systems. More information about this integration will be posted as it becomes available.

See below for common issues and the suggested resolution.


Suggested Resolution

How do I access TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText?

When you registered for a course that uses this system, we transmit your information to TaskStream TK20. You should have access under your email account. Your access is good for one semester.

I had an account and now it tells me to subscribe or enter a credit card


Account expired and I need a new key-code

Chances are you registered for a course after we did our regular account set-up.

  1. Double check your email address including any SPAM filters
  2. If you were issued a email address, check that account as well
  3. If neither works, contact TaskStream support to see if your account is active
  4. Contact [email protected] with your Name, Student ID and the Course you are enrolled in

I am enrolled in Dual-Credit

As Dual credit courses are on a slightly different schedule than the University of Idaho, your account set-up may be delayed until the first week of your Dual credit class. A notification from the TaskStream administrator will be sent

How do I use this system? 

Video links to tutorials

  • How to enter a self-enrollment code
  • Uploading and submitting work to TaskStream

Unable to login to TaskStream Tk20 with LiveText

If account is active and cannot remember the password or username you can do one of the following

  1. Contact TaskStream TK20 with LiveText support
  2. Auto recover your password at

Can’t see the class

  • Check for your Self-Enrollment code within the drop-down above for "What is my course enrollment code?"


Deans' Suite

Physical Address:
Education Building

Mailing Address:
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences
University of Idaho
111 Perimeter Drive MS 3080
Moscow, ID 11111-3080

Phone: 111-111-6772

Fax: 111-111-1071

Email: [email protected]

Web: College of Education