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Future Plans

Our Mission

As a unit within the division of Finance and Administration and Facilities Services, Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) keeps the University of Idaho moving by facilitating a safe and efficient parking and transportation system. PTS strives for excellence in customer service and is committed to serving the University of Idaho by providing clear and informative communications, making sound financial decisions, and engaging with stakeholders as our campus adapts to changing needs and growth.

Our Vision

To become a campus where a personally owned vehicle is not required to meet commuter and campus resident mobility needs.

Our Values

We believe in a work environment and programs characterized by transparency, respect, integrity, fairness and consistency. We are problem solvers who believe in collaboration, teamwork and personal commitment with focus on cost‐effectiveness and fiscal responsibility, as we are financial stewards for our customers. We have respect and appreciation for the entire campus community and are dedicated to providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and specific customer service.

Future Plans

As PTS focuses on our mission of keeping the University of Idaho moving, we align with the institutions strategic plan by supporting the university’s collaborative teaching, research, outreach and engagement initiatives by providing ease of access and navigation for all campus patrons. As the University of Idaho grows and PTS narrows in on our vision of becoming a campus where a personally-owned vehicle is not required to meet commuter and campus resident mobility needs, our efforts will increase the attractiveness of our Moscow campus for prospective students.

Specifically, the key activities and mission of PTS correlate with Goal 4 of the University of Idaho Strategic Plan, Cultivate: “improve efficiency, transparency and communication, and invest wisely in resources to enhance end user experiences.” Our contribution toward campus transportation infrastructure improvements and our plans for future expansion and enhancement of mobility choices outlined within this plan directly impact campus aesthetics and the first impression of visitors, a critical element in supporting our university mission and attracting new students to enroll at the University of Idaho.

In alignment with our mission to provide excellent customer service, our unit goals are focused on customer service delivery in both transportation and parking services. As we work towards achieving our vision of becoming a campus where a personally owned vehicle is not required to meet commuter and campus resident mobility needs, we know that we must enhance existing and add new robust alternative transportation options.

While our vision is not to eliminate all vehicles on campus, our resources will be focused on promoting alternative modes and improving options to help campus patrons get around more conveniently and cost-effectively without a personally owned vehicle. While we do that, we still must maintain and manage the campus parking system and improve customer service to parkers by focusing on space availability, permit affordability, technology, and parking lot maintenance and improvement, as our Parking goals outline.

Customer Service: Transportation

  1. Public Transit & Shuttles
    1. Increase service and convenience of public transit
    2. Provide general campus shuttle service from perimeter to core lots
    3. Provide evening shuttle service for on‐campus residents
    4. Provide shuttle to Moscow‐Pullman airport
    5. Create program for off‐campus park‐n‐ride with local transit or shuttle to campus core
    6. Expand vanpool use by employees

  2. Bicycles
    1. Provide bike share program
    2. Maintain adequate supply of bicycle parking inventory

  3. Alternate Trip Incentive Programs
    1. Provide incentives for alternative transportation (walk, bike, transit)
    2. Implement emergency ride home program

  4. Promote & maintain pedestrian priority campus walkway
    1. Develop campus walkway vehicle access policies
    2. Make physical campus walkway improvements to reduce vehicle entry

Customer Service: Parking

  1. Parking Space Availability
    1. Achieve and maintain 85% lot utilization in commuter lots
    2. Achieve and maintain 95% lot utilization in residential lots
    3. Increase availability of core campus parking for short‐term use

  2. Permit Affordability
    1. Maintain and expand low‐cost perimeter parking option ($64 or less)

  3. Technology
    1. Parking space availability apps
    2. Mobile payment for meters

  4. Parking Lot Maintenance & Improvement
    1. Achieve and maintain a pavement condition index (PCI) rating of 55 or above for paved parking lots
    2. Improve gravel parking lots: lot 35, lot 14, lot 38, lot 57

There are three changes to the parking system for FY19 and currently one for FY20. We are communicating the FY20 change now as it involves planning for a capital improvement project and has a series of related changes and improvements to the parking and transportation network within the specific area. Additional changes and new programs for FY20 will be communicated during the 2018-19 academic year. Additionally, for FY19, we look to launch a bike share program on campus that would expand into the community.

We are looking to implement the FY19 changes effective July 1, 2018 and the FY20 changes July 1, 2019. Detailed explanations of the changes are provided in "Resources."

FY19 Changes

  1. Create new Orange permit zone, located and priced between Gold and Red ($250 for FY19). Orange permits would also allow daytime parking in Red and Blue lots. 
  2. Permit price increases:
    1. Gold: 4% or $13 increase ($325 to $338)
    2. Residential (Silver, Purple, Green): 14% or $24 ($172 to $196)
  3. Transportation:
    1. Bike share program roll‐out summer 2018

FY20 Changes

  1. Pave Gold lot 35 at Student Health: convert to hourly pay lot

Contact Us

Physical Address:
1006 Railroad Street
Rm 135
Moscow, ID

Office hours:
M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 111-111-6424
Fax: 111-111-4219
[email protected]

Mailing Address:
111 Perimeter Dr.
MS 4106
Moscow, ID