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Vandal Access

The Vandal Access service provides University of Idaho students and employees with mobility-limiting disabilities equal access to facilities, programs and services on campus. We believe all individuals have a right to access the many opportunities the University of Idaho offers and we are committed to providing convenient transportation assistance to make that a reality. Questions, comments, concerns? Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Fill out the brief that gives us your Vandal email address and your expected ride schedule. If you have a University of Idaho Disability parking permit, let us know and you’re good to go. Questions? We're here to help: Vandal Access cell phone (111-596-3722), email ([email protected]) or in person (1006 Railroad Street)!

If your expected ride schedule exceeds four (4) days and you do NOT currently have a University of Idaho Disability parking permit, you will need to do one of the following to continue using the Vandal Access service:

  1. Submit a doctor’s note on office stationary (paper or electronic) confirming eligibility and duration of need. Rider eligibility, whether temporary or permanent, is aligned with Idaho state law. An individual is eligible to ride if:      
    • They have a neurological, orthopedic, respiratory, cardiac, arthritic, eyesight or limb impairment that prevents them from walking two hundred (200) feet without...
      • Help from another person
      • Help from mobility equipment (crutches, wheelchair, cane, etc.) OR
      • Great difficulty 
  2. Have Disability Support Services or Human Resources submit documentation on your behalf as part of an accommodation.

Whether the impairment is considered permanent or temporary, Vandal Access is here to get you where you need to go on campus.

Most rides will be pre-scheduled based on class or employment information provided to us on the .

In the case of an unexpected need, give us 2 hours notice so we can more effectively accommodate your request along with the day’s pre-scheduled rides.

Ride requests received after 5 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

The ADA accessible Vandal Access service operates during fall and spring academic sessions only, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Vandal Access services are provided on-campus as well as to and from the Student Health Clinic located at 623 South Main Street in downtown Moscow. Riders cannot be picked up or dropped off at any other off-campus location. The driver will work with riders to identify nearest possible pickup/drop off locations for specific facilities.

In the case of unforeseen events such as mechanical failures or severe weather/road conditions, all rides may need to be cancelled or rescheduled for a later time. Parking and Transportation Services will make every attempt to notify riders in advance should this occur.


  • Within 5 days of utilizing van services, riders must submit documentation (in the form of a doctor's note on doctor's office letterhead) indicating the duration that transportation services will be necessary, and stating that the individual meets the definition of a "person with a disability", as defined by Idaho Code § 49-117(7)(b), which states:
    • "Person with a disability" means: (i) A person who is unable to walk two hundred (200) feet or more unassisted by another person; (ii)  A person who is unable to walk two hundred (200) feet or more without the aid of a walker, cane, crutches, braces, prosthetic device or a wheelchair; or (iii) A person who is unable to walk two hundred (200) feet or more without great difficulty or discomfort due to the following impairments: neurological, orthopedic, respiratory, cardiac, arthritic disorder, blindness, or the loss of function or absence of a limb.
  • If a personal care assistant (PCA) or a service animal will be accompanying the rider, this information needs to be included on the driver form so that the driver is notified of this in advance.
  • Disability Support Services or Human Resources may submit documentation to Parking and Transportation Services (in lieu of the doctor's note) when a request for accommodations is processed and transportation assistance is part of the accommodation.
  • Individuals who have obtained a University of Idaho Disability parking permit do not need to submit additional documentation to be authorized to ride the Vandal Access Van; authorization to ride the van will cease at the time of Disability permit expiration if permit is temporary.
  • If proper documentation is not submitted to the Parking and Transportation office within 5 days of utilizing van services, transportation services will cease until documentation is provided.

Rider Responsibilities

  • Riders must be on time for rides. The driver will not call upon arrival and will have a narrow window to service riders. Riders will be marked as a no-show upon being five (5) minutes late for the ride pickup. If a rider is marked as a no-show, all subsequent rides will be cancelled for that day unless the rider notifies the driver by calling 111-596-3722. Calling after a no-show will not remove the no-show from the rider's record.
    • After two no-shows in a semester, a rider will receive written notice to meet with the Parking and Transportation Services Field Operations Manager to provide a plan to remedy no-shows.
    • Three or more no-shows in one semester may result in suspension of service for 30 days (see “Loss of Ridership Privilege”).
  • If a rider is unable to make a scheduled ride (or no longer needs it), the driver should be contacted at 111-596-3722 at least 30-minutes prior to the ride appointment in order to avoid a no-show. Excessive cancellations (more than 5 cancellations within 30 days) may result in suspension of services for 30 days (see "Loss of Ridership Privilege").
  • No open containers of food or drink will be allowed on the van.
  • No pets allowed. Only service animals will be allowed on the van.

Loss of Ridership Privilege

  • PTS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone under the following circumstances:
    • Three (3) or more no-shows in one semester
    • Five (5) or more cancellations in 30 days
    • Three (3) or more unscheduled rides with less than 2 hours’ notice in any 30-day period
    • Anyone who engages in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct, or represents a direct threat to the health or safety of others
  • PTS will not deny service to an individual solely because the individual's disability results in appearance or involuntary behavior that may offend, annoy, or inconvenience other persons
  • In the event of suspension or revocation of ridership privilege, PTS will:
    • Provide the individual with notice, in writing, that the U of I intends to suspend service.  The notice will contain the reason for the proposed suspension and the proposed duration.


  • For both suspension of service and denial of eligibility, appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the decision to [email protected].
    • Once an appeal is received, the appellant will be given the opportunity to present information and arguments.
  • Appeals will be adjudicated by the AVP of Facilities.
  • PTS will provide the individual with written notification of the appeal decision and the reasons for the decision.

Contact Us

Physical Address:
1006 Railroad Street
Rm 135
Moscow, ID

Office hours:
M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 111-111-6424
Fax: 111-111-4219
[email protected]

Mailing Address:
111 Perimeter Dr.
MS 4106
Moscow, ID